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Since 1948 Airnesco Group Ltd have designed and manufactured a unique range of specialist compressed air products for bore cleaning applications. We started life as a family owned business and have continued to remain as such ever since. Formed in Knight Road, Strood as an engineering company which principally served the coal fired boiler industry.

The industrial environment changed and so did our business model, while we remain committed to supporting the boiler industry our focus moved towards other areas of business. With the late 1990's came the introduction of our Defence Division which offers equipment for the defence industry, specialist barrel cleaning equipment to suit a wide range of applications, this equipment is now in use around the world.

With the new millennium came new opportunities and throughout the start of this century we have sought to further advance into other areas where opportunity has presented itself, during the early 2000's we introduced a range of crimping equipment for the window manufacturing industry and as of 2017 we are able to offer bespoke hydraulic hoses to the agricultural and plant machinery industry.

Since day one Airnesco has been able to offer its customers a unique advice and design service to suit an ever growing range of products. From a small workshop the organisation has grown into a global company, with state of the art CAD systems and CNC machining we are able to continue to support our customers with a unique engineering service.