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TAR IDEAL Concepts is a leading provider of turnkey solutions integrating a wide range of technologies and solutions for governments, Homeland Security, Police and Special Units in the public safety, and defense arena. Part of the rapidly expanding Avnon Group, TAR is able to utilise the group’s technologies and know-how, enabling us to deliver our customers with integrated and holistic solutions.


Client orientated; we understand both the customer’s threats and their requirements. Combining knowledge, technology, advanced equipment and training our ONE STOP SHOP concept enables us to de customized, turnkey solutions that enable our clients to be fully prepared to address threats ranging from terrorism, mega events, international crime, and disaster management.

Our team of experienced employees have backgrounds in homeland security, IDF, intelligence and Special Forces enabling us to provide our customers with the best solutions, procedures and practices; from implementation of physical systems, and technologies to creating infrastructures and processes from the ground up.


TAR provides equipment and training in the fields of:

  •    Counter-Terrorism.
  •    Vehicle design & Integration
  •    Anti-drone systems
  •    Bulletproof and Ballistic Protection.
  •    Riot & Crowd Control.
  •    Ground Forces & Tactical Gear.
  •    Weapons and Ammunition.
  •    K9: Attack, Drug Detection, Explosive Detection, Search and 
  •    Intelligence Gathering.
  •    EOD-IED.
  •    CBRN
  •    Homeland Security.
  •    Rappelling.
  •    S.W.A.T