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GPI Forankra


GPI Forankra offers products and customized solutions in air cargo securing, from straps, nets and lashings to technically advanced air cargo securing systems for all kinds of air transports . With our knowledge and expertise we help our customers to secure everything in transit.

A vital link in the supply chain

With a comprehensive product range in Air Cargo Lashing Equipment, Lifting & Chain Equipment, Strapping and Truck Body Building we can offer quality guaranteed products and solutions for road, air and sea transportations as well as for the manufacturing industry, logistic companies and truck body builders/OEM. Our offer is unique as we can provide solutions for safe transports of goods throughout the whole supply chain.

Production in France

GPI Forankra does not only deliver standard products. Due to our own production facility we have a unique flexibility and possibility to develop and supply customized products and solutions.


All our products are quality ensured and meet current laws and authority standards. We always strive for the highest possible quality and we are therefore certified to SS-EN ISO 9001.

More than 30 years in the business

GPI Forankra has been working with air cargo securing and lifting equipment since 1984. With more than 30 years in the business we have a fundamental knowledge of accurate regulations and standards and can offer both recommendations, training programs and tests of products and applications.

GPI Forankra locations

Production and production development takes place in our head office in La Bohalle, France.

  • Gpi Forankra is a certified Production Organization (PART 21 sub G) by EASA for the following products : tie down straps, belly nets and cargo nets.
  • EASA Form 1 certificate can be delivered with most of our production.
  • GPI is also certified ISO 9001
  • Our products are complying with all aerospaces standards and regulations: NAS 3610, TSO C90c, ISO 16 049-1, IATA specifications..
  • All our spare parts are specially designed for the aerospace industry: FAR 25 straps, ISO 9788 fittings...