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We are family business that is present on the market of provding products and technologies for uniformed services since 2011.
Our experience in this branch goes back much earlier than that year to the middle of 90' when most experienced person in our company (colonel Jan Sztukiert, graduate of WAT - Military University of Technology who used to work for almost whole his career in WITU - Military Institute of Armanent Technology in Zielonka) was makeing first deliveries to the Army and Police. Over the years we have successfully completed hundreds of contracts, meeting all quality requirements, not only regarding the product itself, but also all procedures related to GQAR and the AQAP.

Our strength is the fact that we are not just a trading company and we do not limit ourselves to being a distributor of foreign companies on the Polish market. Expressing it precisely the majority of our contracts we are involved are contracts which we take an active part in the production process, and also deal with the logistic, financial and quality supervision, often going beyond broad-based consulting. In cooperation or just on our own we have created products that meet all requirements from Purchaser's specification, building them from scratch or adapting existing ones (You can find more in the product section).

In the matter of what we do, we do not close ourselves in one branch of products, and the spectrum of our supplies and interests is wide. We focus mainly on products related to logistics, ballistics, chemistry and CBRN.

In 2014 we were ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certified and in 2015 we got permission no B-006/2015 for treading and producing goods and technologies for military or police purposes. Our NCAGE no is 4000H and we are allowed to access confidential documents.

We focus on continuous development, investing in people, infrastructure and gaining new contacts. Our goal is to constantly improve our company to be as flexible, modern and innovative as possible, as well as efficient as an organization.



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